• Are you stumped about where to go, what to do next and how to get what you want?

  • Navigating the Sugar Baby Lifestyle can be confusing and frustrating

    You might find yourself googling Sugar Baby advice, and hopping from one blog post to another, jumping from one social media to another. Trying to put all these pieces of advice and suggestions together to make it work for you




    When you try to make sense of it - apply it to get your first date with a Sugar Daddy, negotiate your right worth or even just write your profile, you experience confusion to the point of hopelessness.


    Trying everything doesn’t work if what you are doing isn’t the right way.


    No Sugar Daddy dating site will hand over your Sugar Daddy by putting up a profile alone...


    Finding and attracting the right match requires an approach that will reel him in.


    Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions or maybe all?

    • “Can I be a Sugar Baby?”
    • “How do I attract generous Sugar Daddies?”
    • “Where do I find a Sugar Daddy?”
    • “What do I write in my profile to attract the RIGHT Sugar Daddies?”
    • “How do I do this without coming across as a gold-digger or an escort because I’m not?”
    • “How do I ask for what I want?”
    • Or just simply “What do I do next?”

    If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you…


    You’re NOT alone.


    In fact, those questions are based on my years of personal experience and from learning about this area of my life for my growth and success.


    What you need is a real, actionable guide and a plan that is broken down for you so that you can implement it with ease.


    As a Sugar Baby Coach, online dating is a big reason why people take up my services. I help not just women but also men find their right match. I teach Sugar Babies to quit overwhelm, stop writing themselves off, and start doing things that actually make a difference in their life.


    Having coached men, I am in a position to give you the UNFAIR advantage you need, by giving you insights about how men think and why. The difference between my approach and how you are approaching it can easily be worth thousands of dollars, in allowance and in a lifestyle upgrade.


    You can be part of the Elite Sugar Baby Club that enjoys the good part of this lifestyle.


    Would you like to attract your ideal Sugar Daddy?

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  • Savvy approach to the business and emotional aspect of Sugar Daddy dating

    "Taylor’s book, "The Sugar Daddy Formula," offers a very savvy approach to the business and emotional aspect of Sugar Daddy dating. Much of the information is quite useful outside of this arena as well! Be it goal-setting, a structured and systematic approach to achieving those goals, realizing the importance of marketing and implementing necessary tools for promoting yourself, and even reflecting on oneself as opposed to blaming outside elements for less than desirable results - all of these are very valuable lessons and skillsets. It’s by far an easy choice for anyone to demand what they want, but the more worthwhile approach is always enticing others to want to do what you want them to do. These skills apply well beyond just the SD/SB dynamic.

    I read this book intently and plan on re-reading it and referring back to it again. I encourage any girl interested in this lifestyle to do the same! Absorb the information, write down what is directed in the exercises, and refer to it over and over until it is ingrained in your way of thinking. Some of our biggest obstacles in life (and in this lifestyle) can be ourselves, and this includes fear. Fear can cause avoidance, limited thinking and inaction.

    I can’t thank Taylor enough for her honesty (even the brutal kind!), insight and ingenious approach." Erin

  • Your personal GPS through complicated Sugar Daddy Dating Obstacles to creating relationships that benefit your bank account, and your lifestyle!


    Even if you just started out and are looking for help.


    Even if you’re sick and tired of finding the perfect Daddy and close to giving up.


    Even if you’re lacking the confidence of marketing yourself and asking for what you want.


    Does this sound too familiar?

    • You just signed up to a dating website but without a plan, a clear direction and knowledge of how to convert views to clicks to messages.
    • Maybe you're looking for financial assistance from your Sugar Daddy but just can't seem to find the right words to communicate what you need.
    • Maybe you've been told by someone that you need super model looks to attract someone wealthy and generous, and you're working really hard to get your curves right.
    • Maybe you're close to giving up and wondering… If there really are any generous Sugar Daddies that exist.
    • Maybe your Instagram is full of pictures of exotic destinations but in real life you're barely getting by living paycheck to paycheck.

    What if you could get what you wanted without being a super hot model or a blond or belonging to a privileged background?


    What if you could actually create the lifestyle that your Instagram feed reflects without having to pinch pennies wondering how you will afford it?


    Won’t you love it if…


    Your Sugar Baby profile on the dating website does not blend in with the hordes of other Sugar Babies but makes you standout. You come across as someone that a generous Sugar Daddy would love to connect and spend time with.


    You don’t find yourself entertaining undesirable men that give you nothing in return while you keep giving them everything they need.


    You know exactly how to position yourself and how to ask in the right way for what you want without coming across as a gold-digger or turning off your Sugar Daddy.


    You’re really clear about your goals, expectations from the lifestyle and your emotional commitments to your relationship before you even take your first step. You’re completely in control of the experiences you want to create for yourself.


    Your perception of yourself through your Sugar Baby story is enticing and intriguing. Wealthy Sugar Daddies that you wish to attract, feel drawn in and compelled to make their first move. Most importantly your story evokes trust.


    If that sounds like what you’ll love, then The Sugar Daddy Formula is exactly what you need to jumpstart your lifestyle.

  • I’ve read other books but they didn’t help me...Taylor breaks everything down

    "I'm fairly new to this lifestyle, & I have to admit I was totally lost at first about the whole art of being a sugar baby. I didn't know what to do... I basically was about to write off the whole idea - & trust me, I've read other works but they didn't help me/guide me - but then I stumbled across Taylor and her literature & after reading/studying it, I have a much clearer image on what it means to be a true SB & how to successfully find the perfect SD. The way she breaks everything down & explains things so you have a clear idea on what to do - & more importantly on what NOT to do, is extremely beneficial. I can't wait to take what I've learned from her & practice it in the "real world"! Ebony

  • Here’s what you’ll learn in the Sugar Daddy Formula Book:

    • Understand your Sugar Baby mindset and why you need to know which type of Sugar Baby category you fall under, and the type of Sugar Daddies to attract. This is one of the most important yet often overlooked step in the Sugar Baby game…page 13
    • Discover the right approach for you according to your goals and expectations. Learn the structured and systematic approach to achieving your goals, and know why you’re doing what you’re doing…page 39
    • How to go about finding the right site to attract your Sugar Daddy and using your profile pictures to tell a visual story to give the right impression you want to make…page 65
    • Learn to create a profile that captures his attention and interest right from the first sentence and hold it as he devours every last word…page 71
    • The proven and powerful formula for attracting the right Sugar Daddy that does not require exquisite beauty of a perfect body. Discover what it requires instead…page 163
    • How to setup the arrangement without turning off your Sugar Daddy…page 185
    • The 10 biggest mistakes most Sugar Babies make that maybe you’re making too and what to do about them. Discover how to stop these mistakes from wasting your time and setting you back by years…page 225
    • How to handle being rejected by your Sugar Daddy…page 235
    • How to create your Sugar Baby Action Plan and pave a clear path ahead of you so that you never go off-track when on your own…page 241
    • And so much more…like the exact 4-step process to taking your online Sugar Daddy relationship to in-person.

  • Renewed Inspiration

    "This is a mind altering read that kept me up all night after working a double shift. Any fatigue I may have had was annihilated after reading the preface and introduction. Ms. Jones advice, examples and instructions are as clear as the waters encompassing the Maldives Islands. Knowing that there is someone out there who wasn't ripped out of a Vogue Magazine and managed to be a successful Sugar Baby is beyond motivating." Rosa

  • Are you ready to master the craft of persuading your ideal Sugar Daddy & get what you want?


    Are you saying to yourself, “But I just started out with this lifestyle....”


    Even better...


    When you set off for a new journey to an unknown destination, would you rather have your gas tank full, GPS handy or would you just dash off into unknown territory unprepared?


    If you're an adventure seeker, you may do the latter. But when you are serious about getting to your destination unharmed and hit the milestone without wasting time in detours, you'll prefer the former.


    The Sugar Daddy Formula is the former. It is your GPS and navigator to hit the milestone and reach the destination without being overwhelmed by all the myths people have about the lifestyle. Also ‘sugaring’ and ‘escorting’ have a fine line of separation and a tiny mistake can shove you down the wrong path.


    Sugar Babies who do not start off with their goals set, plan nailed down, clear strategies and a way to get there mapped out, end up getting frustrated and give up faster than you expect.


    If you are hoping to attract a Sugar Daddy just because you are a labeled Sugar Baby on a legit dating website, you're fooling yourself into believing what is false.


    A profile on the dating website is only one step in the exhaustive 8-step process of your Sugar Baby journey.


    "For those Sugar Babies who see this as a business, Taylor has given you your business plan." David Montrose, Author of Sugar Daddy Diaries


    Never again get stumped over what to say or how to respond to your Sugar Daddy…


    Or hear yourself say anything like “My Sugar Daddy just asked me some questions about my allowance. I am really unsure about how to handle this. I was not prepared and feel intimidated.


    Or , “I just had a soul-crushing argument with my Sugar Daddy about funding a new apartment. I am freezing to death about my response. Help!


    Or even, It’s middle of the night and I just stumbled upon a wealthy Sugar Daddy profile. How should I approach him?”

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  • I searched all over the internet…but not as detailed & helpful as Taylor

    "After my marriage ended I was struggling financially. I was lonely and decided to try online dating and learned about sugar dating...I had no idea what that was or even how to be a sugar baby so I searched all over the internet. I found some info but not as detailed and helpful as Taylor's." Frenchcandy

  • Lots of women want to change their life, but not sure how…

    Here’s your answer: Taylor

    "What I love about Taylor is that she not only shares her life experience and awful lots of knowledge, but is also a fantastic business (and life) coach! If you truly want to change your life, you have to start from yourself. She takes your hand and shows you step by step how to succeed in life, in business and, most importantly, how to create a life You want and You deserve. Lots of women want to change their life, but it may be hard without knowing what (and how) to do it. Well, here's your answer: Taylor B. Jones!" Joanna